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Introduction. for household goods and items. is a great online store where you can discover all sorts of household items and goods for your home.

So what`s in it for you?

Come on in.

You will find the household goods range is mid market, not cheapo or high end. Just right.

Whether kitchenware or hardware, discover home goods you are unlikely to find in shops, often with a creative twist to the product.

If you are in the US or based outside UK, we mail to you, usually at the shown reasonable cost.

Therefore you can obtain items which may be otherwise be unavailable in your country.

Same difference except for delivery times.

There is a difference in the way you are looked after.

Customers say they like our flashes of wit, humour and personality on the website and in person.

We are small enough to care.

Efforts are made to make things slick and easy, but if needed there`s 24 hour contact, online is best but in UK or US, you can call for free.

You are called back by a virtual personal assistant, or the boss, so you get to talk to someone smart and interested every time

We normally get 3 calls spread over day and night, so do not have live answering, but allowing you to call is a nice to have.

You will discover a lot of low prices and bargains, but unlike others we steer clear of offering fakes and low quality household items.

You want to buy risk free and we want you as a long term customer.

Talking about risk, the site is secured, and we don`t keep any credit card number, any hacker would get little of value.

Also unlike others, we outsource warehousing and despatch so it is handled professionally.

Not juggling stock crammed into a garage or backroom.

Ethics, we try to do the right thing, for instance not engaging in questionable employment practices.

We want everyone, customers, staff, suppliers, contractors to be happy.

You can read more about philosophy on the about us page.


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