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Your Rights.

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We are like a regular shop. You pick up a product, take it to the checkout and ask to buy it and when we hand over the product it is yours.

Unlike many shops we want to delight you, to go to bed at night knowing we have served you well. Part of this is ensuring no mistakes are made with an order. We are proud of our cool software, but it is not human.

It's humans who care how things are done, not machines. Therefore, to protect you and ourselves, the lump of metal and the site invite you to do business, it does not make contracts! Should some idiot get the price wrong or for some other reason a misunderstanding arises, a living breathing human can stop the order and refund you the price paid.

To protect you, and us, from fraud, we check your credit card number. If the software does not like your credit card, it will cancel your order. We apologise if the software makes a mistake and suggest you try another card. This is easy to do, just press your "back" button on screen or "backspace" on your keyboard.

All credit card numbers are untouched by human hands and unseen by human eyes as they are automatically and securely cleared. Details are encrypted and sent directly to the banks credit card clearing system. For the technically minded, ssl is used (you will see a closed lock or key displayed on your browser) and the system is geotrust certificated. For the worried, the security takes place in a bank approved strongroom!

We do not store your credit card number on the server. This means that there is no financial information for a computer thief to steal.

Follow the link on the site if you wish to read more about our security.

We let you pay in a wide choice of currencies, this usually saves you the extra percentage and exchange rate marking up credit cards charge for currency conversion. Unlike other sites, where we show you prices in a currency, that is with most banks the price you pay.

In event that we need to refund you, we will refund the price you paid. Because currencies change value, prices change several times a day, this means that a price is valid for as long as that price is displayed.

The software sends out confirmations for your information, if everything is OK, a contract will be assumed and goods despatched. As mentioned before, there's the safeguard of a human, and despite a contract being assumed we retain the right to cancel the contract for any reason. Should this happen we would notify you and refund you the amounts already paid.

We want to be fair to everyone and will not fill orders which look risky as this would mean raising prices. If this happens we will let you know quickly and credit your credit card account with a full refund. This is nothing personal and may, for example, be because of the actions of people who live near you.

In cases where we are told by the bank a card is stolen or a fraudulent attempt has been made before from the same address, we make no contact.

Target delivery is within 2 to 4 weeks or less worldwide, your purchase will, in many locations, turn up much quicker. If there is a significant delay we know about we will let you know. We send out the goods efficiently, normally asap, but cannot control delivery workers or companies.

Unlike other online retailers we monitor the goods we sell. If we know an item is out of stock or on order we tell you.

Sometimes we will have a similar item and so as not to disappoint you or let you down, we will send you this instead. If you don't like this replacement item return it in seven days and we will refund both the price you paid us and the return postage cost.

In other cases if we need to refund you, we will refund you for the price you paid us for the item. For your peace of mind, you can return goods up to twelve months after receiving them. You will be responsible for the cost of returning the goods, if we are charged for the return we will recover the charges from your credit card.

If you need to return goods, email return@internetpurchase.info

There's no escaping taxes (and duty), and you are responsible. The bright side is, we are set up to save tax for most customers. We are legally outside the US, saving you tax, out goods are below duty limits for most countries, while for EU we despatch via London (within the EU!), saving the duty normally paid on items sent from the US and we are VAT registered allow EU businesses to reclaim.

You benefit from some of the toughest consumer protection in the world. We are based in and operate under UK law. The contract is made under UK law and any disputes are to be to be settled in the UK courts.

As a customer you are entitled to after sales service. Too often, after purchase you are left on your own. Buy an item from us and you will find support responsive using email, phone and online forms, a discussion group for each product is also set up at https://www.productchat.com.

Items bought from us are guaranteed by your credit card company (if over a certain value) and by manufacturers guarantees. Either return goods in a resaleable form to the manufacturer or us within twelve months of receipt for a full refund of your purchase price of that item or a replacement.

We want to get to know customers like yourself and to serve them better, this means that we will keep purchase information about you. You can ask any questions or see your record by emailing privacy@internetpurchase.info

So what will we do with the information? From time to time we would love to keep in touch but keep the messages short, valuable and relevant. If we have something cool that not everyone would like, we'll check who has bought something that suggests they would be interested and pass on the good news.

When you order, you automatically opt in to receiving these goodies, however, if in the future, you tell us to remove you from our list we will do so.

Everyone hates the tide of irrelevant junk mail and email. Our position is that there are great offers out there, discounts, free stuff and the just plain amusing.

It just needs filtering. If someone came to us with something really relevant and not bothersome and boring, we feel you would welcome communication from them.

Your details are an asset of the business and you are important to the business. You are free to opt out of the good stuff by emailing iwanttomissout@internetpurchase.info if you like, however we believe you would be missing out.

We have exciting "sister" websites under the same ownership, so you may get to hear from one of these!

We recognise that some people don't want cookies on their computers. These are little snippets of information that the server gives to your computer to keep. You can switch off cookies in your browser (just check the help menu). We don't advise this however because your cookie is your shopping cart and without a cart you can only buy one item at a time and can easily lose your shopping.

We also use cookies so that if you want to chat, you can keep track of where you are in the discussion. The cookies do not collect personally identifiable information.

As you know, everything changes, including the law. If need be, we will have to also change these terms, if this happens, this document will change to let you know. Your continuing to use the site means that you have accepted the changes.

To help you, we have links to other websites. Not all of these are under our control, so we cannot be responsible for the contents of the sites or endorse them. We do have some services where we let the public add comments. We are only responsible for these comments if we are specifically informed of their presence.

You agree not to abuse our hospitality, as a condition of your use of this website and related services. This includes not using the website or service for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by our terms of use. Also you agree not to damage, disable, over burden or impair the website or related services or interfere with any other party's use of the website, services or internet in general. You also agree that you will not upload or transmit any communications or content of any type that infringe any rights of any party.

As you can imagine, lot of work goes into creating a website and your use of the site indicates that you recognise this. The work means that material on our website is protected by copyright, trade marks and other intellectual property and proprietary rights. You may not reproduce, copy or distribute the content of this web site or service without our written permission.

If you breach these terms of use and we ignore this, we will still be entitled to enforce our rights and remedies in any other situation where you again breach these terms and conditions.

A large part of the reason for starting this business was the wish to do things the way they should be done, acting as the customers representative to provide great products and service and even try to spoil the customer.

We hope to live up to our aims in our dealings with you.

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