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Now what can we tell you about security without compromising security?

NO credit card details are kept on the server (or by us), so we are not a target for credit card thieves.

So what happens when you buy something?

A secure connection is opened to your browser using Secure Socket Layer technology so that everything is encrypted.

You can test this!

When ordering, a lock appears in your browser.

This lock is good enough to demonstrate security, however we also let you click on the security logo to run an independent SSLlabs security test for yourself.

Your details are passed to the equivalent of an online card swipe machine with direct links to the banks.

Secured by RapidSSL

Various checks are done for Fraud Protection, for instance checking your address against the card holders address, that the three numbers on the back of your card match your card, and other tests we are keeping secure.

Verified by Visa MasterCard SecureCode

During security checking your bank may jump in and ask for your password, which makes them and us extra sure it is actually you using your card.

Your payment is accepted or declined and your card details are replaced by a reference number.

The card swipe solution is shared with a lot of other retailers.

Our server is monitored 24 7 every day (and night) of the year and access to sensitive areas is only allowed to named internet addresses. It is a hardened, locked down server going way beyond Industry Standards.

Physically, the server is in a secure building, co located with a financial organisation and a large game server provider amongst others and sharing their security standards.

Hopefully this helps you feel more secure too.

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