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Automatic Card Shuffler picture
Automatic Card Shuffler picture

Automatic Card Shuffler.

Automatic Card Shuffler picture
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Automatic Card Shuffler


This is fun, you load up both sides of the automatic card shuffler.

Push the button.

And watch without blinking.

The device whirrs, grabbing cards from both sides, forming a jumbled up pile in the middle section.

Lift this out.

You have a shuffled deck ready to play.

You can make up to 2 packs random at once.

8.9cm by 20.3cm by 10.2cm 3.5 by 8 by 4 in

The sound and action are fun and exciting to watch, so highly enjoyable for children as well as a great aid for people with hand problems like arthritis.

Automatic card shufflers Work off of 2 X C batteries, not included.

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