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Pet Vacuum Cleaner.

Pet Vacuum Cleaner picture
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If you have cats and dogs shedding hair all over your home we suggest tackling the issue at its source with a pet vacuum cleaner.

Normally your pet and your vacuum cleaner mechanism would have plenty to say about this.

Enter the Pet Vac Aqua Jumbo vacuum cleaner attachment.

The idea is that your vacuum cleaner can be 15 foot away from your pet at the end of a long hose so that removing pet hair is a relaxing experience with noise and vibration at a distance.

The pet hair drops off into an 8.5 litre container so that your vacuum cleaner does not clog up.

You will discover in the kit a great de shedding tool making a professional job of your pet grooming.

Pet Vac Aqua Jumbo also makes life less hairy by including an attachment to unclog drains, the ability to turn your vacuum cleaner into a water pump taking up spills and even emptying tanks, and that 15 foot vacuum hose cuts down on lugging around your vacuum cleaner and can reach curtains and ceilings.

So that doggone dog hair or catastrophic cat hair are no longer problems, cleaning is easier and you have a tool to vacuum up water.

Sounds like Pet Vac Aqua Jumbo pet vacuum cleaner is seriously sucking up, though won`t take the place of your furry best friend.

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