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Doggy Steps picture
Doggy Steps picture

Doggy Steps.

Doggy Steps picture
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Doggy steps are three small steps for dog, no more giant leaps for dogkind.

They let your dog, even old, injured or overweight or suffering from arthritis get into the back of your car or if you like onto your bed or sofa, easier.

Boisterous, bouncy dogs, can also use these instead of throwing themselves around your home.

Covered in a removable easy clean sheepskin style cover, you can have one in the car for after muddy walks and it will easily become clean.

And one in your home, so your companion can easily join you.

Weighing 1.27kg or 2.79 lbs, these are easily assembled and measure 46 x 36 x 31cms or 21.25 x 14.24 x 12.25

Click to order Doggy Steps. Your dog will be over the moon.

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