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Urine Removal.

Urine Removal picture
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If you own a pet or have a family member with a misbehaving bladder you need to own the Stainz-R-Out Urine Kit.

It is a kit containing concentrate and a light.

You reuse a spray top bottle, having cleaned up you aim at where the urine was and spray.

The Stainz-R-Out Urine Removal Kit reacts with we, getting rid of the smell and stain.

Even if the stain has been there a while.

It also helps with saliva, blood and feces which is good news in the laundry.

As well as being tough on stains, this discourages cats and dogs from urinating where it has been used.

So what about the light?

There may be a musty smell, but no sign of urine.

The special light makes urine glow in the dark.

Now identified you can spray and treat the area.

The Stainz-R-Out Urine Removal Kit can be used on any washable surface, like walls, carpets, mattresses, bedding.

Anywhere washable where pets or people "go" or "went"

It is easy to use.

Just get up most of the urine, or if it is an old stain just treat.

Spray and soak

Leave for 5 to 10 minutes as the fluid goes to work

Rinse with water

In most cases your stain is gone

If the stain was particularly bad, repeat the process.

We have happy customers who have "tried everything".

Yet unlike "everything" this goes really far.

Far enough to make 32 bottles of cleanser.

And far enough for the light to be the one issued to UK forensic police, a "Woods Lamp" which can also reveal pet skin problems.

Love helps you forgive a pet or family member with a misbehaving bladder, the handy concentrate, and light lets you forget.

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