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3 Large Microfibre Cloths picture
3 Large Microfibre Cloths picture

3 Large Microfibre Cloths.

3 Large Microfibre Cloths picture
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3 Large microfibre Cloths


These three one foot square Microfibre cleaning cloths remove grease dust and dirt without needing soap or detergents.

So how do they work?

In a regular cloth, the fibres are solid. You can see when you clean up a spill the water is pushed along rather than sucked up right away.

Microfibre is split in manufacture to have a snowflake like structure.

The arms of the snowflake work to increase the surface area and rapidly suck up water.

OK, take one of your hairs and look at it, the fibres in these cleaning cloths are 100th of that thickness.

The contact of cloth to surface is a lot closer because of the fibres are so tiny.

You will also find when dusting the static charge of the fibre actively holds the dust.

All this technology directed to help make your dusting, polishing and drying easier!

Set of three one foot square, 16 x 16 in microfibre cloths

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