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Microfibre Optical Cloth 2-Pack picture
Microfibre Optical Cloth 2-Pack picture

Microfibre Optical Cloth 2-Pack.

Microfibre Optical Cloth 2-Pack picture
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microfibre Optical Cloth 2-pack


These microfibre optical cloths are a must have for anyone with a smartphone, glasses, camera or jewellery.


Because fingerprint smudges, dust and grease seem magnetically attracted and it is highly likely they will sometime need drying in a hurry.

So how do microfibre optical cloths help the situation?

Well, they are super soft with fraction of a hairs width fibres and can attract dust.

The fine fibres get closer to the surface of eg: your smartphone and can lift off the smudges with very little trouble

And no need for chemicals which can damage the equipment.

There`s also no lint or fibre shedding coming off, and because of the fineness of the fibre, no scratching.

And the quick drying out part?

These are super absorbent cloths, taking in and holding 7 times their weight in water.

When a microfibre cloth needs washing, just wash in hot soapy water or put through the washing machine.

Just keeping equipment clean, cleaning smartphones, or having clear glasses is worthwhile for a short period of time.

Helping save a smartphone once that has got wet or been drenched in the rain is definitely worthwhile.

But we not talking about once or a short time, you can wash these hundreds of times and reuse and reuse for many years.

2 6in x 6in microfibre optical cloths.

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