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Telephone Amplifier picture
Telephone Amplifier picture

Telephone Amplifier.

Telephone Amplifier picture
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The plug in telephone amplifier can quadruple the sound volume of callers.

The dialling tone you normally hear is 80 decibels.

This 7 cm square, 2.5cm box has a volume control which slides from helping make things clearer to actually adding 20 decibels.

You find you own comfortable level and probably won`t need it, but for those who do, High on a good handset is like having a 100 decibel hand drill in the room.

The sound amplified up to four times!

So how easy is it to set up? Listen up!

If you look at your telephone your handset plugs into the body of the telephone.

You unplug the handset, plug this hearing helper in and then plug the handset into it.

Two AAA batteries (not included) and circuit boosts the signal and the sound from your handset is increased.

You can then adjust the volume on the amplifier, which also has an on off switch so just boosts for those who want it.

Great if your hearing needs help or you are in a noisy environment.

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