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Touch Screen Protege Organiser picture
Touch Screen Protege Organiser picture

Touch Screen Protege Organiser.

Touch Screen Protege Organiser picture
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Protege Ii Protege Organiser


Important Note

These are the newest, latest version of Protege touch screen organiser, the Protege II, designed to sell at $46.50 but the market is swamped with the older less good proteges!

If you have bought a Protege touch screen organiser you may now be noticing limitations and want to upgrade. If you have not bought a Protege Touch screen organiser treat yourself to the latest greatest Protege II.

We were charging the recommended price but have now reduced the Protege II protege touch screen organiser from $46.50 to an astonishing


That's just $0.00 more than what is now a heavily dated model and an amazing $18.51 savings off recommended price.

Read about the advanced features of these cool devices and grab yourself one at a $18.51 discount.

There are just 184 available so grab one before someone else gets yours. (we'll refund your credit card if you miss out.)

Protege II Touch Screen protege Organiser

Those Palm type PDAs are really cool, but will you actually use it? If you have a palm, do you take it out, what if it were stolen?

Protege II touch screen protege organiser has a lot of the cool functions of a Palm, lets you test out whether you would really use one and is cheap enough for a theft not to be a tragedy.

Check out the functions of the touch screen protege organiser for yourself:

Clock Mode
Quickly see time, date, month, year and weekday at a glance.

Alarm mode
A melodic way to give yourself gentle reminders for appointments or deadlines.

Lock mode
Keep data in protege II Private!

Phone book
Your very own instant personal directory.
Alphabetises names, stores telephone and fax numbers

Notes, lists and schedule store it all

World time
Know what time it is in the major cities of the world.

Basic calculator and memory capabilities

Metric converter
Convert metric measurements easily. Screen stylus included, stores in touch screen protege organiser

protege touch screen organiser fits in palm of your hand.

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