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Swivel Car Seat picture
Swivel Car Seat picture

Swivel Car Seat.

Swivel Car Seat picture
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Swivel Car Seat Deluxe


Revolving swivel car seat helps you to get in and out of cars, and your legs under tables and desks and to reach with the minimum of twisting.

Wonderful relief if you have backache or joint pain.

The way it works is you get a ball bearing turntable which lets you glide smoothly through 90 degrees.

Topped with replaceable foam and a woolly fleece layer for comfort.

Into car, out of car, turn quickly to grab the telephone and pass the salad, all without jarring.

Turn this way and that easily.

And feel like you are sitting on a regular cushion when you are not moving.

Revolving swivel car seat is 38cm, 15 in and comes with a detachable strap to attach to a seat belt to hold in place in a car.

As well as being comfortable (and flame retardant), the fleece cover can be removed for washing.

If you have trouble twisting, you know where to turn.

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