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Soda Syphon Top Three picture
Soda Syphon Top Three picture

Soda Syphon Top Three.

Soda Syphon Top Three picture
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What soda syphon top is is, is a device where you open your fizzy bottle, screw it on replacing the cap, let it settle, and then press a lever and your fizzy drink shoots out of the spout.

That's what it is.

Fizz fizz.

Just like one of those old fashioned soda siphons.


It is great because you don`t have people leaving the cap off, or struggling with the cap, the drink stays fizzy and it is fun.

Soda syphon fun.

I used to love the soda syphon but my parents stopped getting the bombs as they cost a bomb.

This gadget has much the same satisfaction, but just uses the gas in the drink and is washable and reusable.

It is not a pump, there`s a surprising amount of pressure in those bottles (probably to compensate for people opening them), and it works off off that.

Soda syphon top is is the bizz bizz for fizz fizz.

Set of three

Also available: single soda syphon top

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