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FreshKut Cutting Boards picture
FreshKut Cutting Boards picture

FreshKut Cutting Boards.

FreshKut Cutting Boards picture
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FreshKut Cutting Boards which fit over the edge of your counter and have a food storage container attached.

As you chop and slice you sweep your food into the container.

Unclip the container, attach the lid and keep.

Suddenly, food preparation is made quick and simple.

And safer too.

The cutting board is actually made with Microban an advanced antibacterial material built in.

Other helpful features you will love are:

None slip feet for great grip.

Grooves to direct juices towards the container and away from your counter.

The food container having markings to use as a measuring jug,

The addition of a plug at the bottom of the container so juices, say from slicing cucumber can drain off.

A funnel style design with raised edges to transfer food easily from the board.

Dare we say it, the FreshKut cutting board is a cut above the rest.

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Ideal cutting boards for limited counter space Have a grooved cutting board edge to prevent liquid from leaking onto the counter Comes with a handy graduated container with removable lid and plug to measure, rinse and store food. Bevelled end allows for easy transfer of foods into containers Features non slip feet for greater cutting board stability. light and compact Adapts to all kitchen counter edges