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1. Privacy Window Film.

Privacy Window Film picture click to read more A lot of windows are overlooked, and some showers and bath surrounds come in plain glass. The regular solution is to slap on a frosted window or decorative...


2. Energy Saving Window Film.

Energy Saving Window Film picture click to read more Energy saving window film goes onto your windows and blocks out 65 percent of incoming heat and insulates in winter whilst filtering out 97 percent of Ultra...


3. Touch Screen Protege Organiser.

Touch Screen Protege Organiser picture click to read more Important Note These are the newest, latest version of Protege touch screen organiser, the Protege II, designed to sell at $46.50 but the market is swamped...


4. Draught Excluders.

Draught Excluders picture click to read more Note: Made for you in the UK in the home business of Deirdre, the actual patent holder, who we think should be supported, rather than going for the multiple...


5. Rubber Stair Mats.

Rubber Stair Mats picture click to read more Rubber stair mats come two to a pack and as well as being highly decorative, harking back to antique ironware, help with safety, making stairs less slippy and...


6. Expanding Solid Wood Fence.

Expanding Solid Wood Fence picture click to read more Expanding Solid Wood Fence Put around a children's play or gardening area We all have areas out side of our homes it would be good to delicately draw a screen...


7. Dragonfly Solar Light.

Dragonfly Solar Light picture click to read more Solar powered light with beautiful dragonfly design casts a lovely soft candle type light. During the day a beautiful terracotta effect pot soaks up sunlight...


8. Gas Level Indicator.

Gas Level Indicator picture click to read more The magnetic Gas Level Indicator sticks to your propane or butane gas cylinder, and a liquid crystal display changes colour to show you the level of gas left....


9. Distance Pedometer.

Distance Pedometer picture click to read more You are likely to spend a lot of time with your distance pedometer so it is sensible to get a nice one, whether just counting your daily steps, as running...


10. Golf Club Golf Game.

Golf Club Golf Game picture click to read more You may have read about the Smartland SL6401 Computer Golf Game in PCPro and wanted one. Well, we are cool enough to have some for you. The electronic game...


Products 1-10 of 10 displayed.