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Privacy Window Film picture
Privacy Window Film picture

Privacy Window Film.

Privacy Window Film picture
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Privacy Window Film


A lot of windows are overlooked, and some showers and bath surrounds come in plain glass.

The regular solution is to slap on a frosted window or decorative film.

The down side of this type of window covering is light is filtered out, darkening the room.

You can also be stuck with a design that dates.

The films are often also frequently flimsy and peel and degrade with damp and temperature changes.

This privacy window film is a better solution.

Instead of blocking light, it bends light through lots of little lenses or prisms.

The light comes in but people cannot see in because of the distortion.

Instead of getting a privacy window screen that is like a book covering film, you get a quality vinyl related material, which flexes, resists cracking, is soft to touch yet tough (even if your window freezes up) and glossy and very transparent.

Protection as well as privacy is being added to your glass.

Needless to say, unlike some films used on windows, this privacy window film is also resistant to discolouration from sunlight.

Applied correctly, it should last for years.

To achieve a professional finish, wash and dry your glass with window cleaner, spray water on the window, which allows you to reposition the film while fitting (other privacy films just stick and are unforgiving), remove the backing, place on window and spray with water to smooth out using the included squeegee.

It is simple, but not slap dash, with simply great results, not slap dash ones.

Now you have an attractive "cats eye" constellation of mini lenses and absolute privacy.

The light can come through, but views into your home or private area are blocked.

As well as a look which will not go out of style, sometimes you will have mini rainbows where the light hits the wall.

All round a beautiful, long lasting privacy solution.

Privacy window film comes in decent sized 45cm x 150cm 17.71 x 59in sized rolls (which you can trim) to protect your decency.

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