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Draught Excluders picture
Draught Excluders picture

Draught Excluders.

Draught Excluders picture
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Draught Excluders


Note: Made for you in the UK in the home business of Deirdre, the actual patent holder, who we think should be supported, rather than going for the multiple imported knock offs.

Draught excluders have not been a hot bed of innovation, until now.

These ones, instead of getting in your way and being a trip hazard, actually attach themselves, gripping to your door.

Just slide one on from the side of your door, it fits like a glove and stays on.

Thoughtfully one side of the joined roll door seals is shorter than the other.


To fit neatly into your door frame, like a cork into a bottle, cleverly excluding draughts.

A prize winning invention, the draught excluder is made from a special insulating material which delivers far more insulation than much bulkier draught proofing.

As well as keeping drafts out, these could save lives.

Smoke from any fire is slowed down and each unit is covered in a thick, flame retardant treated cotton.

Plain chocolate in colour, the fabric is meant not to show dirt or announce itself.

At 33 inch for outside the door and 31 inch for inside the frame, ask if you need different, the door insulating set fits standard size and width doors, and is easy to trim if need be.

Our hot bed of innovation draught excluders are great for any room which needs draught proofing, and you may wish to have several to keep the rooms you live in warm.

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