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Expanding Solid Wood Fence picture
Expanding Solid Wood Fence picture

Expanding Solid Wood Fence.

Expanding Solid Wood Fence picture
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Expanding Solid Wood Fence

Put around a children's play or gardening area

We all have areas out side of our homes it would be good to delicately draw a screen across.

Things like water butts, compost heaps, rubbish bins, air conditioning, horrible neighbours extensions.

Portable use when needed.

Separate flower beds

Parties keeping people off flower beds.

Keep people off newly seeded or planted areas

Movable, own feet, no posts to be dug in.

Light and breezy

Simply fix as trellis for climbing plant display.

Screen off private areas to read and relax when overlooked.

Camouflage wheelie bins.

Made from weather resistant pressure treated fir.

Free standing 11 to 70 inch, 35.5 in high (27.94 cm to 177.8 cm, 90.17 cm high) with 91.4cm 36 in posts.

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