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Gas Level Indicator picture
Gas Level Indicator picture

Gas Level Indicator.

Gas Level Indicator picture
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Gas Level Indicator


The magnetic Gas Level Indicator sticks to your propane or butane gas cylinder, and a liquid crystal display changes colour to show you the level of gas left.

Placed on the lower half of your cylinder, temperature changes when you are using the gas are sensed, and the indicator reacts like a thermometer, the coldest point being the fill level of your cylinder.

There is no full and empty gauge or window to peek in to see how full the cylinder is, and this Gas Level Indicator is the next best thing.

At 10 x 6cm 4 x 2.5 a clear easy to read indication of FULL, ALMOST EMPTY, and TIME TO REFILL is given.

Remove and reuse over and over.

Current stock is the one in the photograph.

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