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51. Bell Alarm Clock.

Bell Alarm Clock picture click to read more An old style bell alarm clock, but battery operated. Set alarm and a hammer bashes bells, ringing loudly to wake you up. But don`t let the old fashioned design...


52. Clothes Hanger Organiser.

Clothes Hanger Organiser picture click to read more The clothes hanger organiser is great for storage or for use as a drying hanger. How come? Lets get weird and take a tour. Look up top, there`s a swivel hook....


53. T Rex Gutter Cleaner Gutter Flusher.

T Rex Gutter Cleaner Gutter Flusher picture click to read more A problem with gutter cleaning is that they are generally out of reach. This flusher adds more than a metre and a third to your reach (137cm), meaning you can...


54. Wide Handled Vegetable Peeler.

Wide Handled Vegetable Peeler picture click to read more You sort of wonder if kitchenware designers have ever even used a potato or vegetable peeler in their lives. You don`t use a peeler like pen or pencil to write...


55. Multi Grill Panini Pan.

Multi Grill Panini Pan picture click to read more To make panini or pressed sandwiches, cafes have special equipment. Now, you can too. Here`s a home version. Open up, insert bread slices and filling, press...


56. Plant Stand Rectangular.

Plant Stand Rectangular picture click to read more Proudly display plant pots on this rectangular plant stand. You have seen racked stands in old conservatories, now you can have the same set up at home. Some...


57. Potpourri.

Potpourri picture click to read more It is lovely to have something attractive and scented to put in a bowl to freshen a room. Most potpourri is messy in itself and hard to dust off. Here`s a new...


58. Nutcracker Bottle Opener.

Nutcracker Bottle Opener picture click to read more Nutcracker bottle opener carefully cracks open nutshells without damaging the nut. So you end up with whole nuts rather than little bits. It works by applying...


59. Cheese Slicer.

Cheese Slicer picture click to read more The cheese slicer is one of the greatest sandwich ideas ever. See that slot in the blade? Draw the across the cheese. The edge of the slot cuts and pulls up...


60. Wine Breather.

Wine Breather picture click to read more Wine Breather Red wine often tastes better the next day or so. This is because the wine has had a chance to breath. Breathing wine means giving air a chance to...


Products 51-60 of 98 displayed.

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