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Plant Stand Rectangular picture
Plant Stand Rectangular picture

Plant Stand Rectangular.

Plant Stand Rectangular picture
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Proudly display plant pots on this rectangular plant stand.

You have seen racked stands in old conservatories, now you can have the same set up at home.

Some people talk to their plants.

So what have plants to say about this rectangular plant stand?

Ignoring the hardy perennial " feed me now ", it would all be requests like " lift me up where I belong " and " you are the wind beneath my leaves. "

Yep, plants are pretty stuck in the mud when it comes to music.

What they may not articulate is sitting plants on a rectangular plant stand makes for a more attractive plant display, you can see them all, even those skulking in the back

You can water the plants easier and gain access for easier watering and weeding.

The rectangular plant stands are easy to clip together, made from a rugged and sturdy plastic, and are rot proof and easy to clean, and though they look like traditional plant stands will not rust.

Plant display and chorus not included.

The rectangular plant stand measures: 23in x 19.75in x 16in, 58.42cm x 50.16cm x 40.64 cm

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