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Multi Grill Panini Pan picture
Multi Grill Panini Pan picture

Multi Grill Panini Pan.

Multi Grill Panini Pan picture
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Multi Grill Panini Pan


To make panini or pressed sandwiches, cafes have special equipment.

Now, you can too.

Here`s a home version.

Open up, insert bread slices and filling, press and heat.

Ciao, toasties.

Of course, this has other uses.

Ciao, other chow.

The handles have a genius push button release.

Remove handle.

Bake either using the whole covered unit or top and bottom as individual none stick baking trays.

Clip handle back on to remove from oven.


You have a metal lid for cover.


Of course, meat, vegetables and fish can all benefit from being pressed while cooking.

So, great for toasted pressed sandwiches, great around the kitchen, and just, well plain great.

The Panini Grill Pan is dishwasher safe and Measures 11.75 in x 8.75 in or 29.8 cm x 22.2 cm

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