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Shoe Stretcher Women picture
Shoe Stretcher Women picture

Shoe Stretcher Women.

Shoe Stretcher Women picture
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A comfortable shoe is something to be cherished.

Now cherish all your shoes.

Stretch them widthways and lengthways with this womens shoe stretcher so they fit properly.

For shoe sizes 3.5 to 5

Shoe Stretcher works on both left and right shoes.

We supply one for economy, but you can get a pair, or lots for lots.

Also handy (or footy) for shoe storage, when you want your shoes to keep their shape when not being worn.

Shoe Stretcher Instructions

1. Before inserting in shoe, moisten spot or area of the shoe that is to be stretched with water. Moisten from the inside only.

2. For relief of specific spots use various plastic attachments provided. Select the most suitable attachment and insert it into the hole nearest the area of the shoe to be stretched. If a hole is not exactly placed then adjust slightly by positioning entire unit.
Note: If entire shoe needs greater width, use without plastic attachments.

3. When in position then turn the handle clockwise until it expands firmly against the sides of the shoe, then make 1 or 2, but not more than 4 additional turns. Too much pressure might rupture the stitching and harm or damage the shoe.

4. Leave shoe stretcher in under tension overnight, then remove it and try shoe for fit. If additional shoe stretching is needed repeat the process.

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