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Nutcracker Bottle Opener picture
Nutcracker Bottle Opener picture

Nutcracker Bottle Opener.

Nutcracker Bottle Opener picture
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Nutcracker bottle opener carefully cracks open nutshells without damaging the nut.

So you end up with whole nuts rather than little bits.

It works by applying a wide even all round pressure.

This means your nut is controlled and less likely to jump out or explode.

It is simply a better design.

You use the nutcracker by treating the jaws like a cup, dropping the nut in and gently squeezing. The nut easily gives up its yumminess.

A lot less mess and stress than usual.

If having fresh whole nuts and avoiding shell all over the room were not a clincher, it triples as a nutcracker, bottle opener and champagne bottle opener.

Used as a bottle opener it acts as a lever while gripping.

Those tight screw cap bottle tops which seem welded to bottles just seem to melt with the mildest twist

As a champagne bottle opener, nutcracker bottle opener firmly grips the champagne cork so it is controlled.

The risk of a cork shooting out and causing damage, even injuring someone is much reduced.

And you get to enjoy more champagne.

If used at Christmas, children will fondly remember the “funny” wooden stick legs, storing up memories.

Made from cast metal and wood this looks like an antique nutcracker that has been handed down generations

Yet it works in a new way to crack open nutshells without damaging the nut, controls champagne corks and is useful year round as a screw cap bottle opener.

An ideal gift, or for your home, the nutcracker bottle opener is all it is cracked up to be.

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