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It is lovely to have something attractive and scented to put in a bowl to freshen a room.

Most potpourri is messy in itself and hard to dust off.

Here`s a new idea in home fragrance:

Wooden potpourri balls.

There is a delicious cedar and lavender scent.

There are beautiful colours and graining on each wooden potpourri ball.

In certain lights they glow.

As a bonus, moths do not like them, some people use potpourri wooden balls instead of mothballs to protect clothes.

So may be good for protecting carpets and curtains from moths too.

If pets or children spill over regular potpourri it means hard work cleaning, perhaps permanent staining from rose petals on carpets.

These, you simply pick up and put back in your bowl.

And don`t even think about dust settling and mixing in with regular potpourri!

These, you just dust.

Long lasting, a little rubbing with a file or sand paper brings out more aroma.

Wooden potpourri balls make beautiful scents and sense all round.

They come in a bag of 50 putting on a good show in a regular bowl.

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