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Re Sharpening Blades.

Re Sharpening Blades picture
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Sharpening blades scrapes off metal, most people hack away at what may be an expensive investment without much thought.

This simple, inexpensive set of three tools has the thought built into them.

If you look at how to guides, they will tell you to grind at, depending on tool, anything from 10 to 30 degrees angle, then hone to finish off, with different levels of abrasion.

These look after those details for you.

The main tool comprises specialist slots for scissors and knives. Bet you were using one sharpening tool before!

Then as serrated knives have miniature teeth you do not want to remove, you get a device designed for the task.

Followed up with a specialist solution for fiddly food processor and blender blades.

You want these sharp but they are often finer and more delicate than knives.

So whether you are re sharpening knives or scissors, a serrated edge or maintaining blender or food processor blades, you have the right equipment.

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