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Plant Watering Globes picture
Plant Watering Globes picture

Plant Watering Globes.

Plant Watering Globes picture
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Plant Watering Globes


Plant watering globes are a wonderful way to automatically water your house plants and hanging baskets.

Made from hand blown glass of many colours, they look beautiful and work beautifully slowly feeding your plants water for around a week.

Select small, medium or large from the set of three to match your size of plant and pot.

Fill with water from a tap or by dipping in your sink.

The long stem then delivers water, and if you like, plant food direct into the earth.

You see your plants and nestled amongst them what looks like a glorious giant glass marble, bringing memories of marbles you used to play with as a child.

Your plant sees refreshment and food even when you are away or too busy to check every day.

Plant watering globes come in a set of three, how many plants and hanging baskets do you have?

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