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Stainless Steel Zap Cap picture
Stainless Steel Zap Cap picture

Stainless Steel Zap Cap.

Stainless Steel Zap Cap picture
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Stainless Steel Zap Cap


So you have created the worlds greatest beer bottle openers, the zap cap, where do you go from here?

It could have driven the designers of the Zap Cap Bottle Opener to drink.

They were certainly properly equipped.

Instead it drove them metal.

Stainless steel metal, that is.

The classic Zap Cap every one loves is now made in stainless steel.

A weighted, sturdy high quality bottle opener, beautiful in brushed steel, solid to the touch, seamless and high tech.

If you don`t know about zap cap beer bottle openers, they are cylinder shaped with a lever and magnet inside.

You jerk the bottle opener over the bottle, and the crown cap slickly flies off and is caught by the magnet.

You really have to take your cap off to the Zap Cap bottle opener designers creating something this cool.

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