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No Mess Veggie Peeler picture
No Mess Veggie Peeler picture

No Mess Veggie Peeler.

No Mess Veggie Peeler picture
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Peeling vegetables is messy, with peel getting on your hands, in the sink, all over.

No longer.

With the No Mess Veggie Peeler you scrape as normal.

But with a difference.

A BIG difference.

The peel as it comes off your vegetables is actually caught in a special chamber designed and built into the vegetable peeler.

Release the lid and tip out your No Mess Veggie Peeler into your recycling bin.

Rinse and you are done.

No mess, potential blocked sinks or clear up.

If you want to get creative, No Mess Veggie Peeler makes a great vegetable preparation tool.

The thinnest carrot wafers melting into your salads.

The daintiest radish and cucumber curls.

The whisper of garlic.

The shard of chard.

No longer put up with vegetable peeling mess and release your creativity.

No Mess Veggie Peeler is 10 in or 25.4 cm in length, light and has a rubber feel handle and pop off lid and can go in your dishwasher, and be hung up.

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