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Handbag Organiser In Pink picture
Handbag Organiser In Pink picture

Handbag Organiser In Pink.

Handbag Organiser In Pink picture
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Pink handbag organiser is pretty - pretty useful.

You have stuff in your day bag, then need to transfer it to your evening bag.

No problem, just lift and separate this liner and move bag.

At 5.24 in x 9 in x 3.24 in 13.3cm by 21.6cm by 7.6cm this is great for medium to large bags.

There`s a place for everything.

Two sections for lipstick, a pocket for your spectacles or sunglasses, a pen holder, a purse with a zip for your change.

Even a pouch for your smartphone and six slots for your cards.

Another clever touch is a quick release clip for your keyring which lifts out on its own cord.

100% canvas style polyester, taco shell style firm, flexible sides and bottom.

You may also like to get the original cream handbag organiser

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