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Front Pocket Mens Wallet picture
Front Pocket Mens Wallet picture

Front Pocket Mens Wallet.

Front Pocket Mens Wallet picture
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The best ideas come at you like a curve ball, or as in this case a curved wallet.

Why do men put wallets in their back pockets, the pickpockets favourite location, where they look all bulgy and are fiddly to get at and interfere with the way they sit?

This genius idea is a slim 13 x 9cm wallet with a cool curve designed to fit snugly into your or your man`s front pocket.

It opens up to hold cards, cash in incredibly organised sections and acts as an identity card holder.

Crafted from soft to touch black stitched grained leather, this wallet whispers different.

Some people will comment as you take it out.

The ugly bulge at your back pocket is gone, the pickpockets dipping your back pocket come up with nothing, you can sit comfortable and everything is at hand.

The curved Front Pocket Mens Wallet makes a great gift idea for yourself or for your man.

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