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Cream Rain Bonnet picture
Cream Rain Bonnet picture

Cream Rain Bonnet.

Cream Rain Bonnet picture
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Be protected from rain from the tip of your head to the bottom of your neck every time it rains with your cream rain bonnet.

At the first hint of rain, produce a handy cream draw string pouch and pop out.

Whip around your head like a scarf or snood.

Magically an extended hood protecting your eyes is formed, and lengths of water proof material snuggle over your mouth, around your chin, around your neck, even covering the back of your neck.

You are surprised at your dryness, and dare we say impressed.

Machine washable polyamide you can also have a Red Rain Bonnet and Brown Rain Bonnet

90.2cm by 34.9cm 35.5 by 13.75 in

There`s no whipping the Cream Rain Bonnet.

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