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1. Iron Matic Balls.

Iron Matic Balls picture click to read more Iron Matic Balls are dryer balls which you can fill with water. The heat of your tumble dryer turns the water into steam which pours out of holes. Just like a...


2. 3 Large Microfibre Cloths.

3 Large Microfibre Cloths picture click to read more These three one foot square Microfibre cleaning cloths remove grease dust and dirt without needing soap or detergents. So how do they work? In a regular cloth,...



MICROFIBRE MIRACLE CLOTHS-4 PC. SET picture click to read more You already know how great these microfibre cloths are for polishing and cleaning, supersoft, holding 7 x their weight in liquid, holding onto dust and dirt as...


4. Power Picker Upper.

Power Picker Upper picture click to read more The SWEDA Power Picker Upper lint remover comes as a set of two rollers, one hand held, the other lipstick size. Rather than have sheets of sticky paper, this...


5. Code Wash Laundry Balls.

Code Wash Laundry Balls picture click to read more Code Wash laundry balls are a green cleaning product, just put them in with your laundry, leave out the washing powder and your clothes come out clean. As well...


6. Wash Balls Set Of 2.

Wash Balls Set Of 2 picture click to read more Wash balls contain a natural washing soda which removes stains and dirt and softens water much like a soap powder, but are kind to the environment, gentle on...


7. Microfibre Optical Cloth 2-Pack.

Microfibre Optical Cloth 2-Pack picture click to read more These microfibre optical cloths are a must have for anyone with a smartphone, glasses, camera or jewellery. Why? Because fingerprint smudges, dust and grease...


8. Stop Dog Pulling On Lead.

Stop Dog Pulling On Lead picture click to read more It is all very cutesy making jokes about who is taking whom for a walk and patiently smiling when your dog is attracted to a distraction. Yet, dogs tugging and...


9. Clear Shoe Boxes.

Clear Shoe Boxes picture click to read more Loose pairs of shoes can be messy, which is why some clever chaps or chappesses came up with this idea of transparent, see through. clear shoe boxes to help...


10. Moth Balls.

Moth Balls picture click to read more Moths always seem to go for favourite clothes. However no one can accuse a moth of having good taste. If you were a moth, you would be repelled by the...


Products 1-10 of 23 displayed.

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