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Wine Breather.

Wine Breather picture
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Therm Au Rouge O2 Electronic Wine Breather


Wine Breather

Red wine often tastes better the next day or so.

This is because the wine has had a chance to breath.

Breathing wine means giving air a chance to get to the wine so that it is oxygenated.

The result is that the flinty edge many red wines have is given the chance to be rounded out making it more mellow and enjoyable.

Historically you had to open red wine hours ahead or decant it to get some air in.

Now this handy gadget bubbles air through for you.

Two hours of wine breathing time takes place in as minute.

There is a built in timer, but you can repeat if you like.

The difference in taste is immediately noticeable.

A gift for wine lovers or anyone who loves wine.

Wine breather works off 2 x AAA batteries which will aerate about 230 bottles.

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