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The tweeze hair remover finally lands.

Wheels rotate to tweeze out hairs swiftly from the root.

Before you realise what is happening, you have smooth skin for weeks and weeks as the hair has been properly removed.

Previously it took hours to pluck hairs using tweezers or took the pain and expense of waxing, or wax strips.

Now there is Tweeze.

Little, handy and working off just two AAA batteries, you use Tweeze rather like a shaver.

Buzz over the hairs and the hair removal is near painless.

Out at root level, normally without any skin irritations, rashes, or soreness.

Just smooth skin.

Tweeze is very accurate and can deal with even light downy hair, and you can run your tweeze in different directions removing hairs.

You will find Tweeze so gentle, you can use it anywhere on your body, yes anywhere! even delicate areas (excepting eyebrows).

So how about treating yourself to a Tweeze?

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