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Stepping Stone Moulds picture
Stepping Stone Moulds picture

Stepping Stone Moulds.

Stepping Stone Moulds picture
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Make your own ornamental stepping stones

This original DIY idea certainly gives the term 'leaf mould' a new meaning!

Take your pick from the 4 attractive natural designs, each modelled on a different species of deciduous leaf

With minimal effort and simple materials caste your own decorative garden path paving slabs at a fraction of the cost of bought ones.

The kit comprises four flexible plastic moulds depicting maple, beech, oak and sycamore leaves, each 30 x 3.5cm (approx 12" x 1'/").

To make a stepping stone, fill the mould with readymix cement (requires just under 9 1b per slab) and turn out the completed stone when fully set.

If desired, you can include colour additives in the cement or set a ring of bent wire into the reverse to create a charming outdoor wall hanging.

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