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Soft Toe Protection picture

Soft Toe Protection.

Soft Toe Protection picture
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Cut gel protectors to length and put on your toes so that the gel cossets them and separates each toe. Can also be used on fingers.

2 6 inch lengths This soft toe protection is safely adapted to the toes and stuffed with a layer of gel

It offers excellent protection against painful corns, pustules and callus on or between the toes.

The soft toe protection protects against shocks and moulds to your toes.

The hose can be cut to the suitable length and is sufficient for a total of 6-7 individual protection pads.

*Cleaning*: For cleaning the lining, turn the pads inside out and wash them in mild soapy water, rub them gently and let them air dry. Do not bleach.

*Caution*: The pads should not be worn longer then 20hrs a day. Diabetics or people with bad blood circulation should contact a doctor before use.

Two 6 inch lengths of soft toe protection are included.

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