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Shirt Trouser Caddy picture
Shirt Trouser Caddy picture

Shirt Trouser Caddy.

Shirt Trouser Caddy picture
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Shirt Trouser Caddy is a suitcase organiser which holds and protects your trousers and shirts flat while travelling so they do not get creased.

We think it is a flat out good idea.

Open up what looks like an artists portfolio.

Drape two ironed, pressed trousers over the built in trouser hanger.

Arrange three immaculate shirts in the shirt form.

Add a belt and tie.

Fasten the mesh retainers to hold the clothing in place.

And close the case.

Add to suitcase.

And travel.

Just as a portfolio protects an artists work, this suitcase organiser protects your garments.

Arrive and your clothing is read to wear without ironing.

Shirt trouser caddy measures approximately 18 x 13 x 2ins when folded. Holds up to 3 shirts, 2 pairs of trousers and 2 ties or belts.

Also a flat out good idea for clothes storage at home.

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