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Test your general knowledge with QuizmasterŽ

Have hours of fun with friends, at family gatherings or by yourself with the Quizmaster".

Featuring 3 levels of questions (easy, medium or difficult), you can choose one of the subjects to test your knowledge.

A special feature allows a maximum of 10 questions to be saved, depending on the length of the question.

The QuizmasterŽ also features a 10 digit calculator, Euro currency converter and has a range of games, Hangman, Anagram, Auction, Match Maker and Fortune Teller - 8,000 words per game.

Measuring 4/f x 2/f x 'A", the Quizmaster" operates on 1 x 3V battery (supplied), and has an auto power off facility if the unit has had no input after 4 minutes.

Supplied with full user instructions.

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