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Pasta Magic.

Pasta Magic picture
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Pasta magic is two canisters which work as a pasta cooker, as beautiful food storage jars or to cook vegetables, hotdogs and seafood without a hob.

People love giving and receiving the set as gifts, but what does it do?

Simplify cooking healthy food.

Take Pasta, put in a Pasta Magic, pour in boiling water, put the top and strainer on, leave ten to twelve minutes and foods ready.

Lid off, tip and water runs off through the strainer, serve.

Vegetables and sea food are susceptible to boiling the goodness out.

No longer, put in Pasta Magic, and pour over boiling water (maybe from your kettle) and unlike on a hob it will not boil further, also cooking in a sealed environment holds in vital vitamins, minerals and flavour.

Some people use these for cooking asparagus. Put hard end down, part fill with boiling water. the hard stalk is cooked while the delicate stalk and delicious tip are steamed.

And hot diggity dog, it does hotdogs too, rather than have frankfurters split because of too much boiling, let them gently bathe in the Pasta Magic.

You have seen those tall food storage containers, and their price tags, the Pasta Magic canisters do that job admirably.

And try cooking in some fancy dancy canister.

You can buy a pound of pasta, put it in the large canister, displaying the beautiful colour and shape.

Then you can slosh in boiling water and it cooks right in your Pasta Magic.

So how much magic do you get?

A box with:

Extra large 12.25 inch high, 3.5 pints pasta cooking capacity

large 8.25 inch high, 2.5 pints pasta cooking capacity

Neoprene holder for safety as you pour boiling water.

Delicious recipes

2 Lids and 2 strainers

Oh and Pasta Magic is a set, others may yell about one canister being free, both are included!

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