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Mirror On A Roll picture
Mirror On A Roll picture

Mirror On A Roll.

Mirror On A Roll picture
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Self Adhesive Mirror on a Roll comes on a paper backing marked up in squares you can follow with your scissors to cut to size.

For craft use, you can also draw on the paper, then cut around your outline.

You can leave the paper backing in place if you need the sheet for temporary use, it is well attached

Or you can apply.

The plastic reflective sheet is slightly stiff to provide the smooth surface.

You would use your thumb to start peeling off the paper.

Then smooth on to your surface with a very soft cloth.

Where you need a conventional mirror which does not shatter, bear in mind this is not glass, and the image changes focus as you move distance.

You can do your hair, check make up and the like, when in focus.

The effect is fun and a bit like baking foil.

Walls, ceilings and doors are all waiting for you to customise them with mirror on a roll

Other effective uses are as mirrors in display cabinets, we have several museum customers, for the theatre, video and photography (advise of any deadline!) as the sheeting does not glare back the light like a normal mirror, and in art installations, events, 3d sculpture and whatever your creative impulses come up with.

Children also love the sheeting both as craft material and for health and safety in play areas.

Horses surprisingly see them as company, an unbreakable friendship!

The mirror on the roll is for indoor use but customers have used water proofing strategies for outside use. Lacquer and sheeting have been mentioned.

Size: Length 150 cm x 60 cm 4.92126 ft x Width 1.9685 ft

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