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Magic Ear.

Magic Ear picture
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The Magic Ear behind the ear hearing aid is a simple low cost device which just does the job of helping hearing.

No fiddly bits, just a switch for on off and volume control wheel, both large enough to adjust with your finger.

Watch TV or join in conversation and increase or decrease the volume as you listen.

Suddenly no one need repeat themselves or complain about TV or radio volume being too high.

You will also find that the sound is good quality with clear natural sound and no hiss or static.

At 10g, you will find the aid is not very noticeable to yourself or others when you use it.

This comes with three ear tips in different sizes, so you can experiment to see which is most comfortable (some people use their own ear moulds) and three easily findable and cheap 1.5V AG13 LR44 batteries (one installed, two spares.)

If you are comparing with your aid, or understand such things

Greater than 24 hours battery life

Max dB: 130dB
Frequency Band Width: 100-12K(Hz)+_6dB
Harmonic distortion%: <5.3%
Equivalent input noise Level: <44dB

If you are comparing on price, we think you will be astonished at the quality.

You may even prefer it to an expensive model if you originally just bought it as a back up you can afford to lose or as a stop gap while waiting.

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