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Grout Pens.

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Grout Pens


Grout Wizard pens restore and recolour your tile grout removing mould, mildew, discolouration stains and bacteria at a stroke.

Take one of your two Grout Wizards.

Shake and simply draw over lightly cleaned, dry grouting.

Your grout comes up white instantly and the mould, mildew and bacteria are treated, with protection continuing for months.

Draw over again once or twice for even more dramatic results.

The grout restoration treatment is tough, as well as walls, you can use the grout pens on floors where people walk.

Even use safely on food preparation areas like counter tops.

Maybe keep a Grout Wizard pen in the kitchen and another in the bathroom to keep tiling looking great.

As you can see treatment is easy, and if you stray from the grouting onto a tile you can simply wipe off within the two minute drying time.

Draw the line at mould mildew discolouration and staining on grout with Grout Wizard pens.

12ml each pen (DOUBLE the contents of others!) enough to cover 53 metres or 175 feet.

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