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Fire Resistant Safe picture
Fire Resistant Safe picture

Fire Resistant Safe.

Fire Resistant Safe picture
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Fire safes to keep your data, documents, and media protected from fire and thieves.

These are lockable fire boxes made from steel panels, each side has two panels, with a gap in between.

Just like a vacuum flask, the air in the gap acts as an insulator protecting your contents.

So if there is a fire, the baked enamel coating is fire retardant, so the flames do not take to the box.

The solution being passive fire protection is better for document storage as no damaging liquids are involved.

As well as being a fire safe, these fire boxes double as conventional safe boxes, tough with a full length hinge which is harder to break than little hinges and lockable with two keys.

We include two security envelopes so that every thing is nice and organised.

The fire safes are a roomy 31 x 20 x 10.5 cms

Heavy and solid, the handy carrying handle does not help delivery costs, so these fire safe fire boxes are UK only.

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