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Extending Oven Shelf picture
Extending Oven Shelf picture

Extending Oven Shelf.

Extending Oven Shelf picture
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Oven shelf or rack replacements to fit most ovens.

Instead of hunting for your exact model and spending a lot, this universal oven shelf replacement is likely to fit.

Check your oven is a regular shelf rests on ridges type.

Then simply take a regular 12 inch / 30 cm ruler (borrow from a child)

Try the ruler front to back of your oven.

Does it fit?

Looks like we are in the oven shelf replacement business!

Now for width, do we have a between 14 and 20 in / 36.8 to 50.8 cm gap?

We are definitely in business!

This universal oven shelf has ends which slide in and out.

Get to the correct width and fix in place using the included four bolts.

Then you can slide the oven shelf replacement in and out and load it up and use just like the original manufacturers wire oven shelf, but probably at a fraction of the cost.

The universal oven shelf is made from chrome plated steel

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