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Drum Mat picture
Drum Mat picture

Drum Mat.

Drum Mat picture
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Drum Mat


Terrific fun, tap on this drum mat and sensors play drum sounds.

Treated as a playmat to encourage creative play or a toy electronic drum kit, the gift mat is a perfect present for anyone 3 to Methuselah.

There are 9 different instruments.

From hi hat, to toms, kettle to the thump of a wooden drum, through to tambourine, triangle, you can go caracas, yes have those too.

See the simple delight of a small child getting a reaction to touch.

See kids play along with the built in music and learn a sense of rhythm

See teens feed their mp3 players, cd players and mobiles into the built in amplifier and speaker and play along, their contribution blending in.

See old stressed out misery guts letting go, bashing those drums and laughing (while bashing on)

The drum mat slash toy electronic drum kit measures a generous 31 x 23 inches, and remarkably, works off 4 AA batteries.

With such joy and fun, players can`t get enough of this drum set mat, so there is a volume control, and an automatic switch off.

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