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Diy Drill Bits picture
Diy Drill Bits picture

Diy Drill Bits.

Diy Drill Bits picture
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A drill set with 160 diy drill bits, all you need for drilling into masonry, brick work, wood etc.

You don`t get professionals swearing each time a drill bit blunts or breaks, there`s extra in their kit and in a range of sizes too.

Now when you do DIY, you can focus on doing a good job rather than bothering about drill bits.

So what` in your 160 piece metric drill bit kit?

You probably have a high speed drill so you need high speed HSS drill bits to power through metals woods and plastics neatly and ideally without splitting.

If you have ever had a drill bit snap as it got too hot, you were probably not using a heat resistant High Speed Steel Drill Bit!

Here are 10 x 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm & 6mm plus 5 x 8mm & 10mm, see lots of sizes and spares.

The HHS drill bits are coated with titanium, a ceramic that lets your drill bit last three times or more than as an uncoated drill bit. Something to check if you are comparing.

Your power drill likely is also a hammer drill with a hammer setting.

Great, you have the power to drill into brick work and masonry.

But you need a drill bit that can be hammered to break up the hard material and will not be clogged up by the powder created.

We`ll send you 40 x super masonry drill bits 5 x 3mm, 4mm, 8mm, 10mm plus 10 x 5mm and 6mm

They are actually plated in chrome. just like the drill bits used to drill for oil, offering amazing resistance to wear and tear.

You perhaps also use a drill for woodworking, and we include 40 woodworking drill bits. Nice and sharp to cut through wood fibres, even hardwoods, and MDF medium density fibreboard neatly and cleanly.

Again a great range of woodworking drill bits with plenty of spares made up of. 5 x 3mm, 4mm, 8mm, 10mm plus 10 x 5mm and 6mm

All beautifully stored and organised in compartments in a beautiful metal mini briefcase.

If you would like these high quality 160 diy drill bits, or want to give them as a gift, you know the drill.

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