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Diamond Dust Nail File picture
Diamond Dust Nail File picture

Diamond Dust Nail File.

Diamond Dust Nail File picture
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You have heard the saying hard as nails?

Emory boards wearing out and needing replacing, squeezing with scissors, nails pinging across rooms...

Hard as nails is right!

You need something as tough as diamonds for your hard nails.

Which brings us to the diamond dust nail file.

Literally embedded with thousands of the crystals, this will make quick work of the toughest toe and finger nails.

Trimming and shaping them quickly and easily.

And as the dust is fine, it works smoothly, unlike the sandpaper style emery board.

As you know, diamonds are forever, so this file will last you years.

Some people use diamond dust nail files on calluses or other hardened skin too.

Safe to use in the bath or shower or to hygienically wash.

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