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1. Snow Brush Ice Scraper.

Snow Brush Ice Scraper picture click to read more This is a double ended tool, one end is a snow brush with tough bristles and the other end an ice scraper. The snow brush has a swivel head, you can at a push...


2. Ergonomic Scraper.

Ergonomic Scraper picture click to read more We all know you can pick up an ice scraper for next to nothing at any gas or petrol station so why invest in this one? Simply it is a great tool for the job of...


3. Microtweezer with Light.

Microtweezer with Light picture click to read more Instead of shaving which just cuts hairs, microtweezers grab hair and pulls it out by the root, but does it really quickly to avoid pain and soreness. A...


4. Hair Remover Discs.

Hair Remover Discs picture click to read more Remove hair without using a shaver. You may not like shavers, tweezers, waxing or sugaring which pull at your hair. You may also not like using chemicals,...


5. Facial Scrub two discs.

Facial Scrub two discs picture click to read more It is time to add exfoliate to your cleanse, moisturise, tone routine. Simply slip your hand into the loop, and softly stroke your skin with the special facial...


6. Grout Pens.

Grout Pens picture click to read more Grout Wizard pens restore and recolour your tile grout removing mould, mildew, discolouration stains and bacteria at a stroke. Take one of your two Grout...


7. Pebble Bath Mat.

Pebble Bath Mat picture click to read more Pebble bath mat gives all the grip, beauty and massaging sensation of pebbles but without the mould and hardness. The PVC pebble bath mat is generously sized...


8. Soft Toe Protection.

Soft Toe Protection picture click to read more Cut gel protectors to length and put on your toes so that the gel cossets them and separates each toe. Can also be used on fingers. 2 6 inch lengths This soft...


9. Plant Stand Corner.

Plant Stand Corner picture click to read more We all have corners where there could be an attractive plant display, now with this Corner Plant Stand, it is easy. Just clip together three hardy steps, and...


Products 1-9 of 9 displayed.