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1. Clear Shoe Boxes.

Clear Shoe Boxes picture click to read more Loose pairs of shoes can be messy, which is why some clever chaps or chappesses came up with this idea of transparent, see through. clear shoe boxes to help...


2. Bag Sealer.

Bag Sealer picture click to read more The bag sealer puts the power to seal bags into your hand. Simply turn on, press over the opening and slide along. The plastic melts together creating a seal,...


3. Clothes Hanger Organiser.

Clothes Hanger Organiser picture click to read more The clothes hanger organiser is great for storage or for use as a drying hanger. How come? Lets get weird and take a tour. Look up top, there`s a swivel hook....


4. Multi Grater.

Multi Grater picture click to read more Multi Grater has a lot of the features of an electric food processor but is manual, not needing electricity if you are green or off grid. You have the discs...


5. FreshKut Cutting Boards.

FreshKut Cutting Boards picture click to read more FreshKut Cutting Boards which fit over the edge of your counter and have a food storage container attached. As you chop and slice you sweep your food into the...


6. Y Peeler.

Y Peeler picture click to read more These Y Peelers are maybe uniquely designed to remove potato eyes and other blemishes as well making peeling potato, fruit and vegetables easy. To add to the...


7. Apple Peeler Blades.

Apple Peeler Blades picture click to read more If you use an apple peeler it maybe because you have an awesome (or without one, awful) amount of apples to peel. Our red and white one, and similar equipment...


8. Apple Corer.

Apple Corer picture click to read more Some people simply do not like pips and pith. That`s why some inventive soul came up with the idea of an apple corer. Just take this simple kitchen tool, push...


9. Wide Handled Vegetable Peeler.

Wide Handled Vegetable Peeler picture click to read more You sort of wonder if kitchenware designers have ever even used a potato or vegetable peeler in their lives. You don`t use a peeler like pen or pencil to write...


10. Apple Peeler.

Apple Peeler picture click to read more Turn the handle. You have an apple, clean bare out of its skin. The skin in one long piece. And no waste. Who would have guessed the most exciting tool in your...


Products 1-10 of 38 displayed.

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